JBA STD High Caster Upper A-arms for Toyota Tacoma "05" Plus, 4Runner "03" Plus, FJ Cruisers "07" Plus


Quick Overview

The JBA Upper A-Arms were designed for your lifted Toyota and will directly replace your stock upper a-arms.

Toyota Tacoma "05" Plus, 4Runner "03" Plus, FJ Cruisers "07" Plus, Lexus GX470 03-09, Lexus GX460 2010 Plus, 2005-2015 HILUX / VIGO .

As of May 25th 2018 the JBA Ball Joints have a Cerakote H Series Oven Cure coating.


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JBA UCAs give you more!!

  • More spring clearance is More suspension travel
  • More Caster
  • More articulation
  • More traction on the trails
  • JBA gives you MORE for your money

The JBA Upper A-Arms, upper control arms (UCAs) were designed for your lifted Toyota Tacoma "05" Plus, 4Runner "03" Plus, FJ Cruisers "07" Plus, Lexus GX470 03-09, Lexus GX460 2010 Plus, HILUX / VIGO 2005-2015 and will directly replace your stock upper a-arms. The original equipment a-arm (UCAs) hits the spring,  on Toyota Tacoma with a lift kit. The JBA A-Arms are compatible with all the lift kits on the market today! These A-Arms (UCAs) were designed to fit Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ. Made of heavy duty tubing, red powder coat finish,  with replaceable ball joints and 2 piece Synthetic Elastomer bushings. The A arms (UCAs) are assembled and ready to bolt onto your Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner,  or FJ. Sold as a set, 1 left & 1 right UCA.

STD A-arm tubing 5/32" wall and 1" dia

Please Note: 32.7" and larger diameter tires need aftermarket wheels with less then factory wheel back space.  https://tiresize.com/calculator/

Wheel recommendation 

LT285/70R17 (32.7" x 11.2") tire on 17 x 9 wheel, -12mm offset (4.50" backspace)

LT285/70R17 (32.7" x 11.2") tire on 17 x 8.5 wheel, -9mm offset (4.30" backspace)

LT285/75R16 (32.8" x 11") tire on 16 x 9 wheel, -19mm offset  (4.25" back space)

LT255/85R16 (33.10" x 10") tire on 16 x 8 wheel, -12mm offset (4" back space)

LT315/70R17 (34.4" x 12.4") tire on 17 x 9 wheel, -25mm offset (4.00" backspace) 


Tire sizes that work well with the JBA UCAs

265/75R16 tire 31.6" x 10.4" on factory wheels

255/75R17 tires 32.1" x 10" on factory wheels

275/65R18 tires 32.1" x 10.8" on factory wheels

Any tire that is 32" diameter and smaller there is no fitment problem.

The Ball joint range of motion

  • Up travel is 40 deg off of center line of the ball joint.
  • Down travel is 50 deg off of center line.
  • Full range of motion is 90 deg.
  • Cerakote clear to protect the ball joint (as of March 12th 2018)
  • Say good by to the Uniball!



Note: there is a left & right side, they are not symmetrical.

 New Gen 7.0.HC A-arms
  • More Caster
  • More articulation, See JBA vs Uniball
  • Ball joints are mounted on an angle to line up with steering knuckle
  • Replaceable ball joints
  • Greaseable ball joints
  • Red powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty tubing
  • A-arms work with all lift kits! Get more articulation with JBA a-arms!
  • Sold as a set
  • Made in USA!!
Installation Notes
install time: 1-3 hours
Maintenance on arms

We would recommend using a lithium based grease, one pump of grease in each bushing. Three pumps of grease in the ball joints after the install and every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Place order before 12:00 am ET and your arms will ship the same day!

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Additional Information

Manufacturer J.B.A.
Variant 1

Customer Reviews

The only thing that's better than these UCA's is the owner! Review by david
Amazing product, It shipped quickly with great packaging. I paired these with KING extended travel and duro bumps. I could not be happier. You truly become part of the JBA family when you get a pair. (Posted on 12/21/2018)
JBA #1 Review by Jon
Have a pro comp 3 inch coil lift and I was able to get my alignment to factory spec. I definitely love the high quality UCAs. The best on the market! (Posted on 6/22/2018)
Very Satisfied Review by Jose
My first lifted truck, did a lot of researching. Very Affordable. I get a lot of comments on how they like the replaceable ball joint. Plus the zerk fittings, allowing to grease easily. Alignment was "On the Money!" as was quoted by the alignment man. Again Very Happy (Posted on 5/24/2018)
Amazing Product Review by Rick
Bought these to replace my Camburg Ball Joint UCA's that blew a ball joint and boot after a year with no wheeling. I will never look back now, and I got my alignment today Caster was 3.7 Camber was 0 and Toe was 0. BUY THESE AND YOU WILL LOVE THEM. Other plus is you can change the ball joints on these without taking the arms off right in the driveway. (Posted on 8/15/2017)
simply amazing Review by Bernd
amazing service, amazing craftsmanship, amazing quality.
got the caster dialed in at 3.4 degrees, with camber at 0.1
TJM coils with Ironman FCP
The GX470 rides really great now.
A very happy customer! (Posted on 8/14/2017)
Good solid product Review by Ryan
I installed the jba uca's on my 2014 tacoma with a 3" lift and was able to get my alignment back into spec. I looked for a long time after lifting my truck for a nice set of ucas and came across these on a tacomaworld thread. Marlin was great at answering all my questions. Awesome customer service and excellent product. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Ryan (Posted on 1/16/2017)
Just installed mine and had alignment done and WOW what a differance they made. I would recommend these to anyone with a lifted Tacoma!! (Posted on 12/29/2016)
Very Pleased! Review by Harold
I purchased the "standard" UCA for my 2015 4Runner in the early part of '16. I have had them for several months, I have wheeled a few times, and I have had no issues. The alignment came in great at about 3.5 deg caster. I love that they have the articulation of a uniball, without the maintenance. I think that the price is fair, and they are Made in the USA! Need a new balljoint? You can buy one anywhere, it's from a half ton GM truck. Just a few of those on the road!

NZDZRT (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Great for my needs Review by CV
Was looking for a set of good UCAs for a while and was looking for an alternative to SPC and found these and love them they ride great and love the red peaking out over my truck tires definitely recommend (Posted on 5/23/2016)
great upper control arms Review by ryan
I love the use of these moog ball joints, it makes for easy replacement/service down the road. High quality craftsmanship in these solid UCA's is noticed right away. The bushing are high quality as well, and something many other brands skip over, but not JBA... these have the same bushings Toyota puts in their factory UCA's which means no more squeaky UCA's!!! (Posted on 4/22/2016)

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